Gold Mountain Media, Inc. was founded in April 2000 to offer the extensive media buying experience of one of the industry’s top media buying groups to clients looking to launch or build their campaigns’ brands, sales, and market penetration through direct response television.

Started by George Leon, former SVP of Media and Telemarketing for e4L, and Mark Knudsen, former Sr. Media Director of e4L, Gold Mountain Media provides advertisers with many years of experience with top DRTV agencies and marketing companies. Gold Mountain’s current and past client list includes Capitol Brands, Beachbody, Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home, Tristar, T-Fal, Sylmark, Thane International, Williams Worldwide, Guthy-Renker, Modern Media, Body by Jake, Lohan Media and e4L Corp.

With nearly two decades and over $1 billion in media buying experience behind it, the Gold Mountain Media team can offer invaluable knowledge as to the performance of broadcast stations and cable networks that will fit your campaign targets. Whether your aim is to generate direct response sales, drive retail support, increase brand awareness, or drive e-commerce business, our goal is to secure the most cost-effective media for you. The market or network selection and penetration will vary according to your specific campaign needs, but we make every effort to insure all media is good media.

In addition to standard Long Form , Short Form and Mid-form television media buying services, Gold Mountain Media now offers a variety of web based opportunities ranging form eCommerce advertising to sponsored content and product integration as well as the ability to raise millions of dollars for crowdfunding campaigns. We also can help with promoting your company, business, product or service on social media as well as provide online and print publishing services.

Our experienced team has been together for many years and we all work together to provide the best service in the industry, and the results you desire. Let’s talk about how we can help you meet your specific needs!